Prices for 2020

Prices for 2020 are not yet set, but will be similar to 2019 prices: there will be a price rise for 2020, probably around 5 percent.

Booking for 2020

The booking form is not yet available for 2020, but if you are super-keen to reserve your place send us £50 to the account mentioned below.

The booking form should be available before the end of June.

Information below is for McCoCo 2019, for guidance purposes only.


See below


Send your booking form and please pay the full price all in one go. If you can’t do that pay the deposit of £50 now and the balance by 15th March.
If that’s a problem get in touch with us.

Please pay any outstanding balance by 15th March 2019. If that’s a problem, please talk to us.

Camping: SEE BELOW
£…see below
Single room In house
Double room In house
Non-residential attendance
with lunch and evening meal.
Please enquire

Campers: update at 20th Feb 2019
The lower-priced (£140) camping option has a limit on places.
We are already up to 7 campers booked.
If you wish to sleep in your tent you may book now, and pay the £200 price: you’d have a space in a bedroom, but bring your own tent and sleeping gear, which you may also use.
Once we have a few (5) more bookings you would get a refund of £60 (but you then would not be allocated a space in a bedroom).
We are currently on course to easily achieve that, as McCoCo is filling up,with 10 weeks to go.




Pay either £50 deposit or the full amount by bank transfer to the following account.
NB We have a new bank account: please do not pay into the old account.

Sort code:
Account number
Your name

Please use internet banking.
If you do not have internet banking, please send a cheque payable to McCoCo-CCI to Sarah as below.

Sarah Horsfall
Flat 3,
40 Goulden Road,
M20 4ZF

  • On receipt of your payment, you will receive a booking confirmation which will detail the balance to be paid. The balance is due by 15th March 2019.
  • Complete the form on this page and return it to us. If you cannot do this online you may print it off and send it to us at the above address.

Please book soon, and here’s why…

  • If you leave it….you might find it’s full up! Secure your place now.
  • You will have a better chance of any accommodation requests being met. Note that single and double rooms are very limited. If you want one, please check on the booking form to see if they are still available.
  • You’ll help secure the event.
  • Sometimes we share the venue with another group (of nice people, of course… usually young people doing outside activities in the woods.). It’s usually no problem to us as they use different parts of the grounds and building to us, so they sleep and hang out elsewhere. We only ever see them at meal times. However if we get good numbers early on we have a better chance of sole use of the venue. We can then ‘spread out’ even more.

Donations for bursaries for others

We are unable to subsidise places for folks who may not afford to come to McCoCo out of our general pot: the full fees that people pay allow no surplus.
We therefore have a separate bursary fund and you may, if you wish, donate to that fund to help others come to the event. Please add the extra amount to your own fee, and let us know via the booking form on this page.

Bursary requests i.e. reduced fees

If finding the money is preventing you from booking please let us know. We may be able to help via the separate fund mentioned above.